Toy water gun for children in the shape of a multicolored horse

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Unicorn Water Guns Multicolored Kids Water Guns Lightweight Summer Swimming Beach Sand Toy It's very easy for kids to hold the water gun You can use it to shoot up to 27 feet and no matter where your opponents are, you can easily submerge it within range Made of high quality materials Fill the tank With clean water and depress the pump to release a massive water jet on your target. Give the child a live picture About the games we used to play in the old days and keep it away from modern electronic games. Popular games contribute a lot to the child’s development and enhance his social, emotional, physical and mental team spirit, and this is what modern games do not. Therefore, we order online and our team have chosen a large and wide range of these games that inculcate in the child’s mind the instinct to stay away from electronic game screens. Shop now the largest selection of children's games at competitive prices, Ordrat Online provide you with a large and unique selection of children's toys and educational, entertaining and useful games that enhance and develop the child's intelligence level, free delivery to all areas of Kuwait.

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