Our Message

We have gathered the resources, capabilities, and expertise to expand and introduce new markets, products, and goods directly from factories to the end consumers, without any intermediary or commission agent. We offer these products at factory prices, without any commercial commissions, markups, or price monopolies, while keeping in mind that the products we provide are priced three to four times higher in your country compared to their origin. By doing so, we save you from paying seller commissions and commercial intermediaries, leading you directly to the main source of products. At Orderat Online, we are constantly striving to provide exceptional services that benefit the development of our beloved country and our clients.

Our Vision...

To achieve success and create new standards in global and local markets through borderless e-commerce, driven by high levels of expertise and innovation. Our values are built on honesty and fostering a sense of belonging among all our employees through a common language mastered by everyone. These values include respecting our customers, users, vendors, partners, and contributors, taking their opinions and user experiences into consideration for the services and products we provide, and working towards their improvement and development.

Our Environment...

This is our environment at Orderat Online. It is what inspires our success and drives us towards continuous improvement.

Our Values...

The values of "Ordrat Online" are based on strong foundations. Here is a list of the values we care about, cherish, and take pride in:

1. Integrity: The company values honesty and transparency in all aspects of its business and adheres to ethical standards and applicable laws.

2. Innovation: The company relies on progress and innovation to provide new and creative solutions in the field of online ordering services, whether in order technologies, delivery, or e-commerce.

3. Development: The company strives for continuous growth and development, whether through expanding its services or improving its current operations, and invests in developing its employees' skills and utilizing modern technology.

4. Collaboration: The company believes in the importance of teamwork and cooperation among its teams and employees, encourages open communication, and fosters a team spirit in the work environment.

5. Quality: The company ensures the delivery of high-quality services and meets customer expectations by regularly monitoring and controlling quality and adhering to professional standards.