Gergean boxes for boys and girls, easy to use, 12 pieces

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Paper boxes with lids, 12 pieces, multi-colored and designs. Every society has its own customs and traditions, and among the Ramadan customs in our Kuwaiti society in particular and the Gulf society in general is the habit of Qirqe’an, and its name differs from one society to another and has been to this day. And Qirqe’an is a beautiful occasion that boys and girls alike are waiting for, and they count the days for it, and it will be on the night of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth of the month of Ramadan. That is why we presented to you a wonderful and varied set of boxes for distributions of Qirqe’an, sweets and Ramadan gifts. This group is unique in its bright colors and various designs that Suitable for all ages of boys and girls.

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